Guided Walks in London

Welcome to my site. It is still being built up, but contains over 50 articles I have written on London topics, so feel free to browse.

I’m a City of London Guide, City of Westminster Guide, National Trust Guide, and former partner in a City law firm. When doing walks and talks I try to bring knowledge, enthusiasm, and the ability to engage with an audience. For feedback, see my Reviews.

In the first three months of the New Year I am mainly focusing on the training of lawyers that I do as another part of my life, but there will be some walks activity. I am doing a couple of Legal London walks, in each case for a small group as part of a family celebration. I will also be taking a group of professionally qualified guides on a tour of the Royal Courts of Justice.

Away from the Legal London stuff, I will be working with fellow guide Kathryn Prevezer on a private tour for a group, on the subject of Jewish Developers and the City of London, and I am also taking a group of US business students on a tour of the City of London, where we will focus on the City as a financial hub.

I have a plan to run a public walk in the summer on literary works and figures connected with the Inns of Court. It will (appropriately for 2016) include Shakespeare, but will cover much more. Please come back to the site for further information

All best