Late Life Crisis - March 2020

Here is one of the best recent quips. The Chief Medical Officer tells Boris Johnson that the length of time Johnson spends washing his hands should be twice the length of singing Happy Birthday to his children and Johnson says that that could take a very long time.


Most of the stuff below was written before the tone of life changed radically during this month, but I will leave be as there has to be life outside Coronavirus.


Late Life Crisis - February 2020

Suicide Bridge. Known as such to many Londoners. The point between Crouch End and Highgate where Hornsey Lane passes over Archway Road. The sides now protected from potential jumpers through fearsome fences. A design of these, according to the Ham & High local newspaper, considered by the Highgate Society to be aesthetically unpleasing.

Late Life Crisis - January 2020

Veganism rules. I have noticed that in various North London pubs that promote Sunday Roast, it is often the vegan option that runs out first. Later last Sunday there was no chance to enjoy the Spinach and Feta Wellington, aka Beef Wellington without the beef. 


Late Life Crisis - December 2019

It's "Nine Lessons", Jim, but not as we know them.

Readers below a certain age should consult someone familiar with Star Trek.

Last year's Carol Concert for charity was an outing to St Paul's Cathedral. For the cost of a West End theatre ticket you got a wonderful performance from choirs, musicians and readers, with The Alzheimers Society pocketing a (I hope sizeable) chunk of money.

Election Reflections

Anyone using 20-20 hindsight to claim that they foresaw the scale of the Conservative victory is fibbing/lying - or to use a word in vogue - being mendacious.

So to the formulaic responses from the defeated major party. The primary one is that our policies were good but thet we did not communicate them well enough. This attempts to retain the purity of the ideology, something vital to the leftward-driven Labour Party, and to diffuse the opprobrium of failure.