Late Life Crisis - February 2019

Teaching a class of millenial lawyers and doing some work on the use of social media by law firms, I did a straw poll to see what the delegates were using personally by way of social media platforms. Roughly 80% said that they used Instagram, but only 20% said they used Facebook, and again only 20% for Twitter. Interesting.


In the course of having a part replaced on my boiler, I received a written quotation from the maintenance company. The pro forma email started: "I hope this email finds you well." The appropriate response ought to be: "Thank you. I would be well were it not for being about to spend hundreds of pounds on having this part in my boiler replaced."


I have to go to Ipswich this coming month for work. Having booked through (when will I learn to book direct through the hotel?) I now receive emails from said on how my trip can be enhanced.

The most interesting of these communications is an email that invites me to cut out any post-flight hassle with a taxi straight to my hotel. I am encouraged to book with the statement that the taxi will be waiting for me when I land. As I will be arriving by train, and anyway to the best of my knowledge Ipswich does not have a commercial airport, this has caused some amusement.


One should steer clear of Brexit-related discussions. But the whole debacle has unearthed some exotic political characters (which of course rules out Theresa May). Jacob Rees-Mogg has just sold out the London Palladium, meaning that around 2,300 of the faithful will have trooped in to hear the great man. The organiser, The Spectator, must via its Events section be one of the few businesses for whom Brexit is already a success.

But my current favourite is the Member for Rayleigh and Wickford, Mark Francois, Deputy Chair of the ERG. In a recent interview, he was apoplectic at the thought of a delay to Brexit. Without my expressing any views on the merits or otherwise of delay, some perverse part of me would quite like a delay to happen just in order to see whether Mr Francois will explode.