Late Life Crisis - December 2020

"Something for the weekend, sir?". As an eight-year old lad I am seated on a plank placed over the barber's chair. My father went first, while I amused myself with tales of Dan Dare from The Eagle magazine. Now my turn, for a brusquely delivered short back and sides. Customer care has not been invented yet for kids. As I sit rigidly in my place a middle-aged chap from another chair goes up to pay. The question is delivered, and as a result some further commerce is transacted, although what comes out from under the counter and disappears into a brown paper bag, I cannot tell.

Late Life Crisis - November 2020

"Now Christopher and Patrick, show me the drawings you've done during carpet time.......thank you".

"Christopher, yours has some squiggly lines going up and down over the page...........................I see, it's spiders having a race......well, that is very good imagination".

Late Life Crisis - October 2020

Glasses. Mask. Rain. Mask. Glasses. Fogging up. Going from outside to an inside public space I feel that I am at more risk of personal injury than of Covid 19.


Late Life Crisis - September 2020

"Congratulate X for 19 years at [       ]. LinkedIn loves this call to action, as I think the marketeers would term it, as a way of stoking up interaction. You can do an off the peg "Congrats on your work anniversary", appropriate for the busy executive or consultant, or if you have time and/or can be bothered, you can do a made to measure message. All innocuous, but I've mused on what it might mean according to context.

Late Life Crisis - August 2020

I must have a downer on Waitrose. Their latest  "Important News" for customers starts, after instruction on what customers must do: "You will also see our Partners in Waitrose and John Lewis stores will be wearing face coverings." So far so good - I go into a Waitrose or John Lewis store and every member of staff I see will be wearing a face covering.


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