St Paul's Camp: The Party's Over. Official.

This follows my blogpost: Occupy LSX: The St Paul’s Party is Over...?

Here is the camp site today, one big clean-up operation after the eviction of Occupy LSX in the early hours of this morning.

What a difference a few days make

In the headline words of the London Evening Standard, the camp lasted 137 days and took 137 minutes to clear, with a final ragged group of 20 or so protesters being forcibly dispersed and a few arrests thrown in.

Compare the photo above with a shot I took from a similar position last Friday. The tents have gone, but the offending area remains cordoned off while the City of London Corporation undertakes a “deep clean”.

A big job

As evidence of good community communication, the Corporation explains to the public specific action organised to remove the hazard of protester chewing gum.

Sticky business

Meanwhile, the Paternoster Square scene appears a little more relaxed, but the barrier controls are still in place.

No way in from the South
But limited access from the East

Where have all the protesters gone? A number, it seems, to the Finsbury Square camp, where by 9.30 this morning the volume of tents and of people had evidently built up.

A regrouping

Meanwhile, there is no doubt that City property investors, occupiers and managing agents will be watching carefully to see where Occupy are going to pop up next. Shares in security companies must be worth acquiring.

I’ll leave to another blogpost the story of the day it all started. But here is a last photo for the moment.

A small statement of defiance

It was put up today. I saw the chap doing the job, and he was just finishing as I arrived. He was in a wheelchair, severely disabled, and barely had the motor skills to affix it. Out of respect I did not photograph him, but perhaps his action tells you that the Occupy movement has been moved out, but not counted out.

The phrasing might put in mind the epitaph to Sir Christopher Wren:

"Lector, si monumentum requiris, circumspice"

"Reader, if you seek his monument, look around you"

It's not a sight that the great architect of the Cathedral would probably have liked to have seen.

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