Tarts and Tiaras

In the recent Depths of Theatreland blogpost I explained how the Westminster Guides Association was raising its profile with three exciting walks offered to the public.

In this blogpost I’m offering some teaser photographs of what you will see if you go on our Tarts and Tiaras walk around Mayfair.

This one runs every Wednesday at 11am. Price is £8, with £6 for concessions, and you’ll be with a friendly, knowledgeable guide who will have the time and interest to chat as you go round

Sample the experience now by checking out the photographs and seeing how many locations you can identify. Even better, come on one of the walks!

Disclosing the origin of the name for the area. But what is this place?
Yours for only £89,950........
Definitely a regal location, but a modest one
He looked after a few tiara ladies
From another imperialist world
He composed for Royalty
And a few Royals have been through this hotel
OK he's not Royalty, but one UK Prime Minister treated him as such
A link to an overseas Royal family
A different side of Mayfair, but more evident at night-time

Hope you found that fun. In the final blogpost n this theme I will feature a walk that has got into the Sunday Times Travel Supplement....

The author is a City of Westminster and City of London Guide. See tabs for further details.