Five Ghosts

The New Year brings a new venture for the Colin Walks London global empire, a collaboration in which I will be supporting London Street Games in the launch of a guided puzzle in the City of London.

The task of the intrepid puzzlers is to solve a mystery posed by the contents of Mrs Eliza Kruge’s notebook. To reach a solution they will be helped by the recollection of five ghosts, once notable figures in London’s history.

We pass through here....

The ghosts offer fragmented recollections of an event. Puzzlers put together the solution material through visiting five locations in the City, led by the Guide, and finding through observation the answers to 20 clues.

At the end of the journey the puzzlers adjourn to a local bar and set to work in finding the answer.

....and search for leopards

Along the way the Guide, as well as helping the puzzlers towards getting the answers, tells the stories of the locations and characters as well as pointing out nuggets of information en route between locations. To give you a flavour, the puzzlers will find out amongst other things:

  • How a member of a newspaper dynasty helped save the house where the Dictionary of the English Language was compiled
  • Who today occupies buildings once occupied by two major London newspapers
  • The location of a piece of  Thomas (Olympic Cauldron) Heatherwick public art
  • The significance of the leopards’ heads on the doors of a City institution
  • Why a body within the government of the City of London meets in a polygon building
  • The gruesome history of a church weather vane
  • The truth behind the business of “The King’s Baker”
  • Where insects hotel when visiting the City.
....and check out where the insects check in.

More details are on the London Street Games website, for which this is the link:

We launch on 30th December, with dates running on in the New Year. I hope to see some of you on the puzzle!

And thanks for reading this.

The author is a City of London and City of Westminster Guide, who runs walking tours in the City and in Westminster. See tabs for more inormation.