Colin Walks London

Inside & Outside the Law - Closing Time?

The lawyers at City firm Linklaters will be working late nights, following being appointed to act for the administrator of HMV, which collapsed on Monday after a painful period of decline.

Pantomime in London - It's Behind You!

The big question, for those lucky enough to be able to over-indulge at this time of year, is what is the antidote to holiday heartburn eating. After a selfless submission to the festive ordeal, something needs to be done.

Five Ghosts

The New Year brings a new venture for the Colin Walks London global empire, a collaboration in which I will be supporting London Street Games in the launch of a guided puzzle in the City of London.

The task of the intrepid puzzlers is to solve a mystery posed by the contents of Mrs Eliza Kruge’s notebook. To reach a solution they will be helped by the recollection of five ghosts, once notable figures in London’s history.

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