Santiago Calatrava - London & Venice Architecture

Even the most hardened retronaut would say that the majority of buildings on City Point Square off Moorgate in the City of London are unremarkable. Grey 1960s boxes line two of the three built-on sides of the square.

The third built-on side is, however, different. Dramatic late 1990s cladding flies up to 35 floors and then arches out into a lip at roof level that resembles the superstructure of an ocean liner.

Tarts and Tiaras

In the recent Depths of Theatreland blogpost I explained how the Westminster Guides Association was raising its profile with three exciting walks offered to the public.

In this blogpost I’m offering some teaser photographs of what you will see if you go on our Tarts and Tiaras walk around Mayfair.

In the Depths of Theatreland

On Saturday 13th October, guides from Westminster Guiding Association joined with three other specialist guiding associations to run free walks in London on the theme of Heroes & Villains. Hundreds of people did the day, many managing three walks and a few heroes managing all four. We had fun, and the four associations raised over £1,000 for Help for Heroes.

Barbican Before the Barbican

This piece first appeared as a guest blogpost on the website of the excellent London Historians group -

The Barbican is probably one of the most Marmite (love it or hate it) pieces of architecture in London.

Rising phoenix-like, although very slowly, from the ashes caused by the bombing firestorm of 29/30 December 1940, its mass dominates the north of the City of London.


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