Inside & Outside the Law - An Olympian Row

As the world’s sportswomen and men begin to engage in 17 saturated days of competition, life outside the Olympian bubble goes on, and life includes people going to law in order to settle arguments.

Commercial disputes might be thought to live on the rational plain, and one could believe that the intensity of personal differences, whether played out in the Family courts or even in the raising of voices and occasional throwing of crockery of a domestic row, would not easily translate into a building construction dispute.


Rescue on the Thames

The work of the Tower RNLI Lifeboat Station

It’s a June Saturday morning in London. We used to call this part of the year summer, but other than temperature deviations there is little weather difference these days between the seasons.

Guiding at Goldfinger's

Your first thought might be of our hero 007 lying bound in a state of testicular anxiety as the laser beam slices closer.

The truth of the Fleming connection will disappoint the fanciful, but for some it adds a frisson to a visit to Erno Goldfinger's home in Hampstead, North London.

The architectural style caused a frisson too, as elements of Hampstead society struggled with a design at 2 Willow Road that was anathema to their beliefs in what constituted good taste.