Have You Seen?

“Have you seen the Heatherwick, darling? It almost makes one want to get on a No.38, especially as it goes to Hackney”.

The crowds at Thomas Heatherwick’s exhibition this summer, epitomised the London cultural scene. Fabulous the exhibition was too, albeit crammed into a V&A space the size of a 5-a-side football pitch. We glided around, doing our excuse-me shuffles that were not mitigated by timed tickets.

Walking Bridge Ward - a Few City Secrets

The Ward of Bridge is one of the 25 Wards that make up the administrative districts of the City of London. For most of us, the Ward connotation surfaces only when we are called upon to vote in local authority elections, but the richness of the City’s culture and history means that each of its Wards is replete with interesting things to see and talk about.

Twitter Hashtag Game-Playing - a Novice's Guide

If you have a strong aversion to Twitter Hashtag games, please do not read further (although by now you would not be reading anyway).

This could have been captioned as a guide from a novice, as I’ve only been active on Twitter for six months or so, and only after a while did I become aware of this diversion.

The game is simple. Someone starts it by choosing a first subject (say, films) and links it with a random subject that has a decent number of versions of it (say, cake).

To the Olympics 2012 - An Alternative Route

The journey started at Bromley-by-Bow Station late yesterday afternoon. Bromley-by-Bow? That’s not a LOCOG endorsed official do what you’re told access to The Olympic Park.....

Inside & Outside the Law - An Olympian Row

As the world’s sportswomen and men begin to engage in 17 saturated days of competition, life outside the Olympian bubble goes on, and life includes people going to law in order to settle arguments.

Commercial disputes might be thought to live on the rational plain, and one could believe that the intensity of personal differences, whether played out in the Family courts or even in the raising of voices and occasional throwing of crockery of a domestic row, would not easily translate into a building construction dispute.



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